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  • Partner Since
  • 1988
  • Location
  • West Valley, UT, USA


Since it's inception in 1988 No one has"out served" their clients like Predictive Index Utah.

Predictive Index Utah began as an after thought of a CPA firm in 1988 and when the current partners came aboard we quickly became a full time player in the world of Employee Assessments, High Performing Teams and Leadership Development. David and Tony Wiseman (PI Partners) are recognized in the Salt Lake City community as dedicated coaches in Baseball and Football at the High School level. Their level of commitment to growth and development to players in sport easily transitioned to the business community and many of their clients were the offspring of their coaching relationships. As time passed and the market in SLC matured they took their enthusiasm for their work in to various applications and they are now involved in the current, exciting ways Predictive Index is becoming a Brand.

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