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We believe in transforming the way you see, inspire and influence people.

People drive your business forward, whether they're customers or employees. When you partner with us, you learn how to better understand and build your power of influence to inspire results.

Using the proven science and methodologies of the Predictive Index, we help you apply real and tangible ways to hire, understand, relate to, and influence people. 

We are real people like you who faced real challenges when leading people, found tangible solutions, and we are excited to share with you! With our experience in the trenches of building and turning around teams, we operate from a place of practice, not in theory.

Amy Leslie

Amy Leslie


Amy has years of experience running business units, and leading people in companies from small start ups to the Fortune 500. Her experience was focused on driving results and growth, through other people.

Amy Leslie represents the Predictive Index assessment and supporting tools in a very professional, dynamic fashion. Her responsiveness and high level of customer service ensure that clients get the help they need, right when they need it. Her in-person presentation style is engaging, energetic, fun and informative. Participants leave the session with a clear sense of how their individual PI profile gives them a much better understanding of how they approach work and life situations….and how others they come in contact with may perceive them. Very helpful stuff!

David Hughen, Cofounder and Managing Partner, Austin HR

The Predictive Index, and the support brought to us by Amy Leslie and Perspective Consulting, has been, by far, our BEST investment made this year. We are making Predictive Index a part of our new company culture. The Perspective Consulting team's patience and persistence have been amazing. They have kept us on track and keep us moving in the right direction!

Carrie Kupchin, Vice President, Santa Fe Tow Service

Amy Leslie from Perspective Consulting has provided a common language that will allow our already strong team to integrate and work together at an even greater level. The work with Amy is insightful, engaging, accurate, and fun.

Shelly Prichard, President & CEO, Wichita Community Foundation

Amy and her team at Perspective Consulting, Inc., bring a tremendous value to clients through their exceptional collaboration and flexible approach that customizes solutions best-suited for each unique organization they are serving. The insight and approach that Amy has provided, especially when it comes to understanding people and team dynamics, is exceptional. She's been a true partner and just the right expert to help me improve my operations and sharpen my own leadership mindset. I'd highly recommend Perspective Consulting, as their skills, knowledge and customer service have all been above and beyond my expectations.

Josh St. Peters, The Context Network

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