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At Ostergaard & Co we walk the talk in our passion to improve your ROI on your most important asset - your human capital.

Ostergaard & Co is your go-to company for improving the ROI on your human capital. We help locate, select, develop and retain your leaders.
We represent the world's leading companies in the fields of human capital analytics, training, and HR consulting - adding value to your company throughout your employees' entire employment cycle.
In addition, we also offer leadership training, interview technique training - and we can assist in measuring the engagement levels in your company via the EngagementDriver™

Axel Knudsen

Axel Knudsen

Axel's career has spanned 30+ years in executive positions in Fortune 200 companies in several countries in Middle East and Asia, including many pioneer years in China. Axel has always made it a priority to identify, mentor and develop talents in the various organisations, countries and cultures he has been privileged to have worked in. With management studies at Pennstate University, Axel holds a NLP Master Business certificate, a Certificate of Coaching Skills from International Coaching Federation (ICF) - he is a certified Brian Tracy Trainer as well as a certified Predictive Index (PI) consultant and practitioner

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