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For any organization, people make the difference, and Oliver Group believes people can perform at their highest levels.

All organizations face challenges. Challenges are solved by people. The question is how to get people where they need to be to overcome those challenges. That’s where Oliver Group comes in. We don’t just help you create the playbook. We work alongside you and your organization to prepare for the future and perform at new levels. We have been in similar situations to what you may be facing. We have built a diverse, experienced team that can add perspectives and solutions you may not have thought possible.

We have helped thousands of leaders and organizations reach new heights of performance for over 30 years. Oliver Group works with organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s, helping clients fuel growth, overcome obstacles and achieve specific goals through a variety of consulting services including Team Development, Talent Acquisition & Development, Leader Development, Coaching and Executive Search.

Jennifer Mackin

Jennifer Mackin


Through her career, Jennifer has personally advised more than 400 businesses of various sizes, including several Fortune 500 companies, from industries such as healthcare, hospitality, government, manufacturing, education, and financial services. CEOs, entrepreneurs and other executives seek her guidance for strategy, leadership, and employee selection and retention. Jennifer serves, or has served, as a board or executive committee member of Greater Louisville, Inc., Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP, University of Louisville Family Business Center, Citizens for Better Judges and St. Francis School.

After talking through the competencies of the role with Oliver Group, we realized that we really needed a strong leader who can build connections and organizations, rather than someone who’s already connected.

Mason Rummel, the James Graham Brown Foundation

For 17 years, we’ve relied on insights from Oliver Group and the Predictive Index® to hire the right candidates, place people in the right leadership roles and continue to be a strong financial services organization The Selling Skills Assessment Tool and Customer Focused Selling have allowed us to focus on building long term relationships with our clients, resulting in improved client service and revenue.

Carol Highsmith, Senior Partner, Centier Bank

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