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We predict and enhance the performance of your people, measurably.

We are experts in human capital. We get the right people in the right seats, accelerate team and individual performance, and increase retention and engagement, especially with high performers. Using science based tools, we drive sales growth and enhance the effectiveness and impact of leaders. Our methodology is knowledge transfer: tools and training that is scalable and sustainable, not a one-time event. We are the anti-consultants with 100+ years of combined experience and we believe you can unlock the potential of people and organizations to see them thrive at their very best!

Tom Riggs

Tom Riggs


Tom Riggs, CEO of MindWire, is a C-Suite Leader turned Workforce Analytics nut. "I've got endless passion for helping leaders and organizations become the best version of themselves." Tom was a PI client for eight years, has worked in HR & Marketing, and has leadership experience in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.

Jerry Rutter

Jerry Rutter


Jerry Rutter, President of MindWire, is an experienced executive with a passion for people. He has worked in HR, Sales, Operations and Talent Management. After being a PI Client for seven years, Jerry teamed with MindWire to help others. "I get to wake up every morning and help people become better leaders and thwart workplace dread."

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