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GVS Engage helps companies to build sustainable, high performance teams to dramatically grow their businesses.

GVS Engage offers a proven set of tools and supporting programs that help organizations hire the best talent, utilize individuals to best advantage, balance and manage teams for top performance, and improve the business capture process to deliver superior growth.

Attracting top talent is just the start of the process used to build high performance teams. Identifying each potential candidate’s unique capabilities, motivations, needs and behavior so they are well suited to job requirements and to the teams they will join is a highly-leveraged activity that can have an extremely positive effect on overall company performance.

Gary Schettler

Gary Schettler


Gary Schettler, the principal of GVS Engage, has led major organizations and companies, in multiple industries, through periods of substantial growth. Leading up to his appointment as a company president, he has held a variety of leadership positions in business development, engineering and program management.

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