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We teach and inspire leaders to engage their people through the meaningful use of assessments, customized learning experiences and strategic consulting.

We believe that if you grow your leaders, you’ll grow your organization. We believe in the power of partnership. We believe in our team and our ability to support our clients from every angle. We believe in telling the hard truth, even if it hurts a little. And most of all, we believe that employee engagement drives customer loyalty and that leaders and managers are important catalysts in either fostering or destroying engagement.

Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson


Bob Wilson is chairman and founder of ADVISA. He received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and his MBA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in marketing and finance. He worked in retailing and manufacturing in a variety of sales and management positions prior to starting ADVISA. He is married, has three grown children and lives in Carmel, Indiana.

Heather Haas

Heather Haas


Heather has extensive experience consulting, speaking and training on the topics of leadership development, sales improvement, talent management, strategic planning, and executive coaching. Heather’s clients include organizations of all types, from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses. She is a trusted advisor in helping each of them make the most of their greatest competitive advantage – their people.

Brian Millis

Brian Millis

Brian brings an uncommon passion for Predictive Index® as well as exceptional team-building skills to his work in support of our clients and our team of consultants. He makes the transition of integrating our services seamless for clients. He has worked with a variety of companies to improve their productivity, team building and problem-solving skills through his exceptionally engaging, intelligent approach to consulting. Brian also serves as a key member of the ADVISA team internally in his role as leader of our client service group. Brian is a proud graduate of DePauw University who enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters.

Having taught Strategic Management at the university level for numerous years I was intrigued by the way ADVISA handle the Strategic Planning Process. Orchestrated by Heather Haas and Todd Gross I found the initiative to be a true process and not just an event.

Dan Moore, President/CEO of HomeBank

ADVISA and PI saved us untold time, money and stress by helping us understand what kind of person we needed in each (job role). I would highly recommend contacting them before you hire anyone.

Taulbee Jackson, CEO and Founder of Raidious in Indianapolis

Predictive Index® is a tool that increases our people deployment effectiveness. We are no longer thrashing around in the dark in trying to guess whether a person will succeed in a position based on a résumé, past experience and an interview. Using PI® helps us to quickly get the right person in the right job. When we use PI to evaluate our positions and the incumbents, we are able to quickly determine where we might have mismatch between the person and the job. Before PI, we could only guess at why a person might be underperforming. Now, with our use of PI, we understand how the key elements of the job may be affecting the person filling the job. With PI, we are able to move quickly to identify potential underperformance and take specific action to assure consistent results. PI accelerates our ability to effectively deal with the “people issues” of business. When we use PI to fill open positions, we are able to quantitatively compare the job requirements with an applicant’s profile. When we have the match on qualifications and experience, PI provides the final filter that allows us to select the applicant best suited to perform in the position. Getting the right people in the right job has always been a very difficult proposition. Before PI, if we were successful 25- 40 percent of the time we thought we were doing very well. Now, with our use of PI, we expect that our people success rate should be consistently above 75 percent. The executive management use of PI has allowed me to understand what each of my staff members needs to be successful. I am able to tailor my management towards actions that are the most effective with each person. PI helps me to understand their individual needs and to work in a manner that dramatically increases their individual effectiveness. I wish I would have known about the PI tool 20 years ago. It probably would have saved me millions of dollars in peo ple mistakes. Based on the tangible results so far, our ROI on the PI investment will be the best investment we have ever made.

RON ST. CLAIR, Former President of Stalcop Metal Forming Specialists, an Indiana division of a global company

We have had a lot of good planning sessions, but none have been as complete and brought our group together on the same page in the way yours has. The process itself brought our team together in a united vision, and at the same time, we were able to tie the vision and direction to specific ACTION items to measure. Without this complete approach, we would not be making the correct daily decisions we are today. We can feel the momentum building, and our vision seems much more manageable. In my few years as president of MasterCraft, it is the best thing we have done, and we will now incorporate this process into our yearly planning process.

VINCE HODSHIRE, Former President of MasterCraft Industries, a leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment located in Newburgh, New York

Our story is huge. We have totally embraced the entire PI® system and are using it for hiring, motivation and building upon our employees’ strengths. Also, we have not circled the wagons and cut down on training and developing our employees given the tough economy. We have partnered with ADVISA to develop specific training programs for our sales and management groups, using PI to make sure that when we hire, we do so intelligently using this tool.

STEVE CHAMBERLIN, President of Husqvarna Construction Products, of Olathe, Kansas, a unit of the world’s largest producer of outdoor power equipment

In June of 2007, we acquired a company and were fortunate enough to get some much-needed top talent at the executive level. At the same time, we were just starting to really embrace the PI® tool and use it, not only for recruiting purposes, but as a strategic management tool. We had conducted, with the help of John Ranalletta of ADVISA, training workshops to executive staff and our managers. John also facilitated a workshop to implement our processes for strategic planning and goal setting/key performance indicators. We have used ADVISA and the PI tool to help us in our annual talent review sessions as well as for coming up with development action plans based on a person’s motivational drives. We’ve created workshops using the PI tool for team building. Specific to sales, Heather Haas of ADVISA developed and trained our field salespeople in Customer-Focused Selling, combining the PI tool along with it. I truly believe we would have lost one of our top talents, who is now the senior VP of NA Sales and Marketing, if it hadn’t been, in part, for this process and tool. It allowed us to recognize what his motivators were. We knew that we had to develop plans around his highest A and B drives, along with his low D. This pointed us in the right direction, and we could see from his profile that these were exactly what we needed in the position. It also allowed us consider structuring his position to meet these needs. We couldn’t offer a huge salary and bonus structure based on the business conditions. So we had to offer him control, with opportunities to do it his way and the ability to lead people on his own terms.

DEBBIE SLOCUM, VP of Human Resources, Husqvarna Construction Products, in Olathe, Kansas, a unit of the world’s largest producer of outdoor power equipment

Clifton Gunderson further invests in our people by providing the Predictive Index (PI)®, a tool that measures the work-related behaviors and motivational needs of people in organizations. The PI® gives CG managers the power and knowledge to best motivate, lead and position people to achieve goals. Through the PI, team members at CG better understand each other and communicate more effectively, thus enhancing the overall office culture. CG has incorporated the PI as a development tool in CG University, senior manager orientation, mentor training, feedback training and merger due diligence, and made it a tool in our performance-based hiring practices, leadership retreats, and conferences. CG also recognizes that the benefits of understanding and using the PI extend beyond recruitment or team-building tools. It can provide insight into motivating our workforce to maximize communications, productivity and profitability. Using the PI is another step to successfully completi ng Project: Life. CG has partnered with Bob Wilson from ADVISA in effectively implementing this tool.

LAUREN MALENSEK, Former Chief Human Resource Officer of Priority One Clifton Gunderson LLP, one of the nation’s largest certified public accouting and consulting firms

Our organization, like countless others, is facing many challenges. When the way business is being conducted changes, it creates opportunities for employees who are adept at operating in the new way. We feel P.I.® is a valuable tool that has assisted us in planning and managing the activities of our employees to affect change that will ensure our continued success. PI allows our managers and supervisors to better understand the complexities of managing people and how employees respond differently to work environment situations. PI also assists our credit union in assessing people skills relative to job skills so that our selection processes are more objective. We are finding that through the use of PI we can better match people with positions.

LORETTA BURD, President/CEO of Centra Credit Union, a regional financial institution with 23 offices in central and southern Indiana

ADVISA’s Aszure Grimes led an executive team-building session at Fineline that included utilizing Predictive Index®profiles of key managers. She blew us away with her preparedness, insights, energy and style. Even our most skeptical managers opened up and were thrilled with the outcomes. Every minute of our two-hour session was valuable. I highly recommend Aszure for your executive team.

JILL WANGLER, Former Director of Marketing at Fineline Printing Group in Indianapolis

Just to let you know, I LOVE the Predictive Index®. I just completed working with a nurse (more than 30 years of experience). The Predictive Index opened her eyes to her drives, needs and behaviors. She had an “Ah-Ha” moment yesterday, put together an action plan for her director and supervisor based on the PI®, and made an appointment to talk with them on Monday. She was going to discuss what she will do differently as well as ask what she needs from them as her managers. My colleague has been working with the management team of this unit and their PIs, so the end result of all this will be a stronger unit and happier employees. I can’t tell you how much this tool has allowed me to be even more effective.

JACQUE HAMERS, Regional Director of Employee Assistance Programs at Franciscan St. Anthony Health in Crown Point, Indiana

ADS was referred to ADVISA in late 2011, and our organization has been better equipped to train, motivate, coach and hire people ever since. We first worked with ADVISA to incorporate Predictive Index® to help us better identify predictors of success at a time when our company was experiencing change and growth. Predictive Index helped us develop our existing employees and make smarter hiring and placement decisions. BJ McKay, Heather Haas and John Ranalletta (prior to his retirement) were always eager to assist with questions and offer valuable insight. In 2012, ADS chose to use ADVISA again for sales training – Customer-Focused Selling™. Customer-Focused Selling (CFS) has changed the way our sales reps conduct business and increased the value we bring to our customers. Since our partnership began, ADS has leaned on ADVISA – particularly BJ McKay – to deliver numerous training sessions. BJ has also been involved in strategic planning for ADS and is instrumental in providing guidance anytime I am creating or delivering training on PI or CFS. Each time we’ve had BJ deliver sessions for our employees, they leave energized, and they’re thinking a bit deeper. I frequently rely on BJ and the team at ADVISA and consider them to be an asset to our organization – a true partner.

CHRISTINA BAUZA, Training and Development Director at ADS in Virginia Beach, Virginia

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