Expressing the Genius Within

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About Expressing the Genius Within

We help leaders, teams and organizations develop a talent strategy bridging the gap between business strategy and your business results.

We bring experience and objectivity to an otherwise objective hiring process. We are a knowledge transfer. No one knows your business better than you do and know one knows the analytics better than us. We train your your leadership team on how to apply these analytics in real time and then we sit on your bench as an extension of your team. When you need us, we show up in spades to help.

Synergy is the intelligence of a highly complex system, the nature of which is always unknown to the individual members.

We help create a new way of organization, higher than any existing form by helping to create a culture of self-awareness.

We all have a unique genius that lies within.

Individually, embracing our unique strengths allows us to express it.

Every business has a genius that lies within.

When individuals within the business embrace their unique strengths and are in alignment with their authentic selves the genius of the business expresses itself automatically.

That genius within, is the synergy we seek both individually and organizationally.

Team Leaders

Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander

CPO (Chief People Officer)

Brian Alexander spent 7 years as a high performer in the corporate world before taking the leap and following his purpose and passion within entrepreneurship. Since then he has built a successful business and learned valuable life and leadership lessons. Brian has also logged over 1000 hours in business coaching in the past 4 years with clients, helping them with all things life, business and leadership. Brian has been on a relentless quest to understand why people do what they do.

Brian is amazing! I hired him as a coach to help me work through my own behavioral profile. Doing that helped me really understand where to best spend my time, and how to hire and build a team around that. But then I kept him as a coach because he's just so insightful across so many important elements of mindset. You can't go wrong hiring Brian. He's a great guy with a real ability to connect the dots and peel away the layers of self awareness.

Michael Gleba - Owner

This allowed me to better understand the way I initiate tasks and work with other members of a group. I can now appreciate that everyone executes and reacts differently. It gave some good insight on my strengths and that I can utilize others to fill in the gaps for my weaknesses and I am able to be more accepting that the way others work and lead is not necessarily the same as I- I can be more open to different ideas and ways of thinking.

Shilpi Chona - Regional Administrator
Legacy Healthcare