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Transform your clients' businesses—and your own. ​

Provide unparalleled value with the new PI Talent Optimization Edition.

Here’s what PI means for you:

  • A recurring revenue stream, thanks to our subscription model
  • Revenue streams through software, consulting, and management workshops
  • The ability to better address your clients’ talent needs without having to master numerous tools 

The PI platform does more than ever before.

We’re excited to announce two new products: PI Design and PI Diagnose. These can help you generate more value for your clients—and more revenue for yourself! By partnering with PI, you can be one of the few consultants to offer a holistic talent optimization solution that will radically transform your clients’ companies.  

Design talent strategy

PI Design helps your clients find and fix business strategy misalignment—and design a winning talent strategy.

Hire top talent

PI Hire allows your clients to predict candidate success and make better, data-driven hires.

Inspire employees

PI Inspire empowers your clients to create and inspire high-performing teams.

Diagnose engagement

PI Diagnose helps your clients isolate the cause of low engagement—and take action to fix it.

Meet our two newest workshops.

The PI Design solution and the PI Diagnose solution combine software and workshops. 

Partner with PI.