The science behind Diagnose Survey customization

PI Diagnose empowers leaders to send engagement surveys and gather candid feedback to improve the employee experience. To enhance the value of these surveys, Diagnose now allows you to customize your surveys before sharing them with your team or organization.

How Survey customization works

When you log in to PI Diagnose, you’ll land on the Survey Center. This page lets you select from a list of pre-built survey templates, including but not limited to Job Satisfaction, Meaningful Work, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Once you decide on a survey you’d like to send, you’ll have the opportunity to review the questions included in the template. You’ll also be able to remove questions from the template and/or add questions from a Question Bank of alternate options.

We hope you enjoy the added flexibility provided by Survey customization and find it helpful in fine-tuning your employees’ survey-taking experience.

Please note: Survey customization does not currently support writing questions from scratch.

The Question Bank, explained

Diagnose’s survey templates are designed to help you pinpoint and measure one of four drivers of engagement. The Question Bank provides you with a pool of questions, with each question falling under one of the following engagement drivers:

  • Job
  • Manager
  • People
  • Organization

With the introduction of the Question Bank, you now have the freedom to personalize survey templates to your team’s needs. 

For example: If you’re using the Job Satisfaction survey, you can add Question Bank items from the Job category to personalize your Job insights. Or, you can add items from the Manager, People, or Organization categories for a more holistic engagement survey.

How customization impacts survey insights

Diagnose’s Analyze page lets you slice and dice survey insights across JMPO categories, either as an organization or for individual teams.

Each survey template has an individual JMPO category of focus. (For example, Job Satisfaction measures the Job category.) The more surveys you complete from a JMPO category, the more data points you add to your aggregate category score.

Important: Survey customization works differently than the above. Each survey template requires at least three questions from a specific JMPO category in order to provide category-level insights.

So, if you customize a survey to have two Job questions, two Manager questions, two People questions, and two Organization questions, you’ll only see item-level insights—not category-level insights.

To avoid the above scenario, we recommend you build surveys that contain at least three items for the categories you’re looking to measure.

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