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What you'll learn:

In this section you’ll learn all about Hire 2.0 pricing and packaging. You’ll be able to review a proposal template and best practices for conversations around purchasing with your soon-to-be client. Finally, learn the steps needed to create and send an agreement so you can move forward on your journey with your new client!

Preparing a proposal and reviewing it with your prospect


  • It’s time to create a proposal for your prospect. If you’d like, you can use the 1:1 Hiring Strategy Session deliverable template
  • Make sure your proposal is clear and compelling, calling out the specific ways in which your prospect’s business will benefit from your partnership. 
  • If possible, tie in what you learned about your client and their business needs during their 1:1 Hiring Strategy Session.

If you need additional guidance preparing a proposal, you can email


  • During the call with your prospect, review the proposal you’ve created.
  • Address any hesitations and remaining questions they may have. 
  • Get verbal agreement to move forward with a PI subscription and relationship with you as their PI Partner. 
  • Let your contact know that they should expect an order form from you by a mutually agreed upon date.
  • Please note that any consulting additions you’re including should be on a separate Services Agreement between you and the client.

Additional resource:

Modular Pricing Rate Card 2021/2022
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