Help Prospects Try Before they Buy

Engaging Hire Free users

When a prospect creates a Hire Free account, you’ll want to be prepared to support their journey and uncover opportunities to engage with them as a consultant. This call should be brief, focused, and lead to clear next steps. 

The initial call seeks to accomplish a few things for you and your prospect. It should: 

  • Build trust through a warm and welcoming introduction.
  • Provide support around the software experience and address any questions and/or hesitations.
  • Confirm an immediate hiring need and uncover the business pain around it
  • Conclude with scheduling a 1:1 Hiring Strategy Session.

For recommendations on what questions to ask in that initial call, you can use the Talent Triage to gather insight about the problems to be solved for your prospect’s business.

Before ending the call, explain that there will be a few steps for them to complete prior to your time together in the 1:1 Hiring Strategy Session. These will be outlined in the next lesson.

Additional resources

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