Thinking Outside the Resume & Other Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

With record turnover from The Great Resignation, it’s more important than ever to retain employees, but it needs to go beyond the lunches and game rooms. It should be personalized and authentic. You might be asking yourself: “How in the world?”

In this webinar recording, experts from The Predictive Index, humanworks8, and BizLibrary talk about strategies to boost employee engagement.

They cover three areas:

  • Starting engagement pre-hiring
  • Defining company values
  • Ways to recognize employees and keep them connected with their teammates & organization



Ali Siminovsky

Dr. Ali Siminovsky (she/her)

Director of Product Science
The Predictive Index

Shawn Gulyas (he/him)

Thought Catalyst

Delaney Moss (she/her)

People Operations Coordinator

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