How to realign strategy and capabilities in times of crisis

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What you'll learn:

You’ll learn how to shift your strategy to one that meets your current needs and how to assess team readiness through their behavioral fit.

Modify your operating model

Updating your business strategy doesn’t mean uprooting your operating model. But if your plan involves reductions in force or role changes, it does mean consolidating and altering existing teams. In doing that, you create new managers and working relationships. When assessing the need to tweak your structure you should think about which areas of the business will need more support and which people are behaviorally fit for these roles.

Most likely, the solution won’t be cut and dry. You may have to search elsewhere within your company to find the right people that match your strategy’s needs. Thankfully, people data can add structure to the process and help you uncover the “hidden” strengths of your workforce.

Much like your approach to revamping the leadership team, a data-driven process removes emotion and bias from the equation. This helps you make tough decisions quicker, with improved clarity and greater accuracy.

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