Design: Team development

PI Design lets you see and improve any team’s chance of success. Compare the work you’re doing with the people doing the work. Discover what motivates your team so you can play to your strengths, close any gaps, and crush your goals. You can turn any team into a dream team.

PI Design Product Overview (New 2024)

Understanding Team Types

Team Types provide an intuitive way to understand your team’s collective behavioral makeup. Learn about each of the nine Team Types, and the science behind them.

Understanding Strategy Types

Strategy Types allow you to understand the work your team is looking to accomplish. Learn about the 10 Strategy Types, and how to align your people with your purpose.

Team Activity Score: What it is and how to improve it

Any team has the potential to be a dream team. Learn how PI Design’s Team Activity Score can help you make constant progress to build team cohesion.

Understanding leadership behaviors

Every leader has natural strengths that lend them to a particular leadership style. Learn how to use PI Design to leverage your leadership style to drive results.

Understanding contrasting leadership styles

Relationship dynamics are pivotal to team effectiveness. Learn how PI Design helps you spot behavioral differences and turn team conflict into collaboration.

Common use cases

Looking for inspiration on how to leverage PI Design? This video series provides tips to tackle any team scenario with confidence:

Advanced learnings

Want to learn how to build high-performing teams from scratch? Explore our courses—including a free certification—and unlock strategies to build collaborative teams that deliver consistent results.

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