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How you think you’re coming across to coworkers and employees vs. how you truly come across are two totally different things. And what’s worse, you may have no idea that your natural behaviors are not sitting well with others at your organization.

So, how do stay true to yourself, your natural behaviors, and the things that truly drive and motivate you in the workplace, and still work cohesively with team members? Let’s start by identifying who you are.

Join us on April 26 at 2PM EST for our "What kind of employee are you?" webinar, where you’ll learn:

  • Which of our 17 reference profiles you are—Maybe you are a Promoter or possibly a Maverick—and what it means.
  • How to understand coworkers and employees at a quick glance based on their Reference Profile.
  • How to tweak and tailor your behaviors and communication style based on your Reference Profile in order to work cohesively with team members. 

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