Resumes don’t tell the whole truth.

But data does. Make better hires and predict candidate success.

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Tired of subpar teamwork?

Empower managers to create and inspire high-performing teams.

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In a blink, you fell out of sync.

Misalignment at the top, chaos at the bottom. Close gaps between execs about strategy.

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Are your employees checked out?

Isolate the cause of low engagement—and take action to fix it.

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Do you know how to boost employee performance by 34%?

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PI helps 8,000+ companies design and execute their talent strategies.


What I've always felt very strongly about is not just hiring somebody to fill the seat, but I wanted to feel with passion and conviction that I had hired the very perfect person...And with [PI], I was able to say just that.

Susan Ross, Senior Director of Recruiting

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We now have the right people in the right roles, and that is having a positive impact on customer service and return visits. The PI Behavioral Assessment pays for itself.

Harold Jackson, Franchise Owner

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Envision Bank

The most impactful result of our people strategy has been achieving alignment at the senior leadership level and being able to pass that down to our middle management and front line personnel. It has greatly enhanced our interpersonal communications and clarified our messaging.

Jim McDonough, President & CEO

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I know a good tool when I see it, and I think ultimately what I liked the most is how granular [PI] got. I really haven't seen not only this level of granularity in a product, but really how [employees] can also make it meaningful to themselves. And the fact that it integrated with our hiring tool...these end to end solutions don't really exist out there in the market.

Kasey Konkright, Director of Talent

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