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Hiring with The Predictive Index


Finding your next great employee shouldn’t be a fraught-filled journey. PI makes it easy to hire quickly and confidently. By comparing your candidate pipeline against your pre-defined behavioral and cognitive job requirements you’ll be hiring smart in no time.

It all starts with a job

You know that you need to hire but you don't know who you need to hire. Start by defining the job's requirements. The PI software guides you through setting behavioral and cognitive job targets.

Assess away!

Sending assessments to candidates is easy. A few quick clicks and a targeted assessment will be in your candidates' inboxes instantly. 

Compare and evaluate

As results roll in, quickly and efficiently rank your candidates based on how they match your set job requirements. Understand the gaps in their behavioral drives and cognitive ability before they set foot in your office.

Interview confidently

Create a PI Interview Kit based on the candidate’s behavioral pattern in relation to the job target to ensure you’re asking the right questions.

Ready to revolutionize your hiring?

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