by Michelle Kozin

It’s hard to ignore the impact younger generations of workers have had on the way work gets done over the past few years. With 92 million millennials in the US, their unique work styles and preferences are transforming corporate policies, organizational cultures and HR processes. From flex time to performance conversations, the debate continues around the best methods to operate in a seemingly millennial world of work. To successfully navigate this demographic transition, organizational leaders must not only take the time to understand the generational trends but also the individuals that comprise them.

During a live webinar on May 6, leading generational expert and NY Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Dan Schawbel, will share his research into the millennial mind to help address the question, “What do younger workers really want?” Also during the session, Ryan Smith, President and Chief Strategy Officer of Raidious real-time digital agency will discuss how his company uses workforce analytics to hire and manage its mostly millennial workforce, with nearly 100% retention.

Key takeaways and discussion topics include:

  • Best practices and strategies for engaging younger workers at any size organization, on any budget.
  • How to leverage behavioral assessments and predictive data pre- and post-hire to maximize retention in a multi-generational workplace.
  • Organizational changes that can make a big impact on employee productivity and performance, regardless of age group.

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