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By Drew Fortin

Increase your odds of finding the right person.

When it comes to finding top talent, the competition out there is fierce. You have to be resourceful, compelling and ready to pounce if you have any hope of landing sought-after candidates. Or you could take another tack and stay out of the fray all together.

Forbes_comIn the July 7, 2015 issue of Forbes.com, writer Puneet Mehta explains how he tried a new strategy in his piece, How We Exponentially Expanded Our Applicant Pool – And Hired the Right People. His company had been limiting their choices by being too specific on the titles they posted – e.g., SEO Specialist vs. Admin/Content Writer – which was unintentionally narrowing their pool of candidates, and their options. “Prospective employees don’t always look for specific job titles; rather, they search for keywords related to the job level, industry, or personality.” So Mehta changed the job description to include general entry-level terms like “admin,” “assistant” and “coordinator.” “We molded the posts to the kind of candidates we wanted rather than to the specific job title. [And] we immediately saw an increase in the number of qualified applicants; instead of getting maybe 10 resumes in total, we were now receiving closer to 200,” says Mehta.

Admin/content writers tend to be detail-oriented and deliberate in their communication, behaviors that are ideal for someone building a strategy and content for SEO. The mechanics of an SEO program can always be learned, but the behaviors are innate. As Mehta experienced, by focusing on the behavioral attributes required for specific roles vs. specific experience, the resumes started pouring in.

Instead of homing in on direct title and experience matches for your open positions, determine the ideal behaviors needed for the roles and match candidates’ behavioral profiles to those criteria. Your net will be wider and your haul of qualified candidates will be that much greater.