Behavioral assessments take the guesswork out of hiring

December 30, 2015
Elsbeth McSorley

Before joining The Predictive Index (PI) a month ago, I never took a behavioral assessment for a potential employer. I didn’t even know organizations were using behavioral assessments to evaluate and select job applicants. After going through the hiring process with PI and taking the PI Behavioral Assessment, I can’t understand why every company isn’t using a behavioral assessment to help select the right candidate for an open position. The results of my behavioral assessment were so accurate that when PI’s Director of HR told me what the results indicated about me, I felt like I was having a psychic reading! It was truly amazing and completely accurate. The important information PI gathered about me from my behavioral assessment may have easily never been uncovered during my phone and in-person interviews. That would have been a shame because that behavioral information helps take the guesswork out of the hiring process.

Behavioral assessments provide an accurate depiction, or pattern, of people’s core drives, and therefore insight into their needs and behaviors. Behavioral assessments are particularly revealing, powerful and relevant to solving some of your most strategic and consequential people-related issues. Having a solid grasp — built on actual data, not observation — of how each employee can be expected to behave in a given role or work situation, and how to interface with and motivate them will allow you to anticipate, manage and resolve people-related issues long before problems crop up. The use of behavioral assessments in the workplace also allows you to have an open and objective conversation with your peers and direct reports that might otherwise be difficult to broach.

Behavior assessments make the difference between gut-feel-based hiring and employee development and management, and having concrete information to guide the critical decisions about employees, potential employees and your company. They give you highly accurate data about what motivates employees and potential employees, their needs from a position and workplace environment, and how you can expect them to behave in their roles, on teams, as leaders, and during times of change.

Behavior assessments can allow HR professionals to serve as the resident experts on employee behavior analysis by truly understanding what makes employees tick, and to develop strategies for maximizing human capital. You can use behavior assessment data to ensure high levels of employee job satisfaction and performance in many ways, including:

People-related issues can tear at the fabric of a company, eating away at even the most solid foundation built on the best products or services. On the talent acquisition front, making a bad hire can cost you through potential earnings, replacement costs, ineffectiveness, or worse, as a drain on morale. From a management perspective, a dearth of leaders or ineffective leadership can result in stagnant growth, bungled initiatives, and even corporate collapse. Attrition, team dysfunction, failed acquisitions or strategic initiatives, and lack of productivity are all directly attributable to lack of leadership, mismanagement of people, and/or not putting the right people in the right roles.


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