Mike is the CEO at PI. A former Olympic sailing coach, Mike loves being on the water.

Mike's LinkedIn post

Execs, do the right thing by your people.

4 min read

Often, employees have no warning that layoffs are imminent. And so when they do come, they hurt like a sucker punch. We need to do better by our people. 

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HR, you need to ask your CEO these 2 questions.

5 min read

CEOs might have all the business acumen in the world—but that doesn’t mean they understand people. Herein lies HR’s opportunity to get a seat at the table.

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Z knows how to motivate employees

The third leg of the stool

4 min read

1,160 CEOs have stepped down so far in 2019. What’s happening? That’s what PI’s CEO, Mike Zani, shares in this blog.

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How PI made the Glassdoor 2019 Employees’ Choice Best Places to Work list

9 min read

In my mind, The Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Best Places to Work list is the holy grail of human capital type awards. There’s no application process; there are no fees; there’s no gaming the system; it is crowdsourcing at its finest. And there’s more competition to get on this list than any other list out there—by…

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