Drew is responsible for the development and execution of all marketing initiatives at The Predictive Index and leads corporate branding, global demand generation, and product marketing.

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by Drew Fortin


workforce shakeupYou may have great people. With great experience. But they may not be in the right jobs. Getting along doesn’t always translate into getting it done, and time spent thinking should always be offset heavily with time spent doing. Workforce challenges can often disguise themselves as business challenges, so take a hard look at your people and at the following 5 signs that you may need a personnel shake-up.



1. You’re doing all the ”right things,” but you need more time and/or more people to get there faster. Sometimes you need to take a step back and get an outside perspective to realize that your organization needs a change. By adopting new technologies to help assess whether you have the RIGHT people in the RIGHT roles, you can accelerate your velocity toward your business objectives.

2. Your primary product/service is legacy and your strategies call for something new. Your new product/offering needs to grow at a rate that offsets declines in your other business units, or at least shows potential. If not? Then you need to take a hard look at the people behind your new product or service.

3. Your team seems to be working well together with little progress. Just because employees get along doesn’t mean they’re productive. Maybe they’re doing a lot of group-thinking. Maybe they’re too polite to disagree with each other. Maybe there are too many of the same personalities with similar experience, which limits new ideas. Or maybe they’re having too much fun. For maximum productivity you need a group of diverse people who challenge each other.

4. Performance metrics don’t match expectations. The economy or market conditions can only act as an excuse for so long. If your team isn’t delivering value, it’s time to try something new. Errors of action are always better than errors of inaction.

5. You think you have a market problem not a people problem. You may have a very experienced team who’s been through challenges like yours before, but for companies to achieve success and remain successful, you must evolve. And so too must your workforce. It takes a certain kind of leader to deal with a certain type of business challenge and a certain type of employee to help that leader succeed.

So take stock of your workforce. Are you seeing one or more of these telltale signs that something isn’t working? Then it’s time for a change.