Assessments for all.


Over 90% of our clients send assessments in multiple languages. Whether you're located in the United States or Korea, PI is ready to help you find scientifically valid fits around the world. Don’t let language complicate the process. Our assessments are localized in over 70 so everyone can understand.

Localized User Interface.

Don't lose anything in translation. The PI software is available in over 20 languages so you can administer and use it in comfort. More than 20% of users log in with a non-English language, and the PI localization experts ensure the experience is seamless.

Learn PI anywhere.


The more you know, the more you can share. Our methodology makes it easier to learn the ins and outs of optimizing PI throughout your organization by providing workshops in over 20 languages. Make it easier for attendees by coordinating workshops in the language they're most comfortable learning in.



Our team builds the software, assessments, and workshops in the US.


A translation engine identifies, tests, and keeps words up to date throughout our assessments, software and workshops in real time.


A team of PI experts around the world validates and applies proper localization and context in native languages.

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