The Predictive Index is used by over 8,000 companies globally to empower the discovery of what truly drives workplace behaviors. When integrated into organizations, PI removes unwanted bias, friction, and ultimately allows businesses to realize the power of their workforce and achieve their strategic objectives faster than they ever imagined.

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We would love to have a conversation with you about becoming a PI Partner. First things first, read on for more info and then let’s set up some time to talk.

Our Ideal Partners

1. Owner/Operator

  • You share our obsession to make it easy for businesses to realize the true potential of their workforce.
  • You have that entrepreneurial spark and want to build a company with high recurring revenue streams.
  • You are energized by the thought of developing new business and the opportunity to work with C-Suite executives in the C-Suite.
  • You want to change the lives of people & businesses for the better by helping them understand workplace behavior.
  • You want a rewarding career and to work with smart people.

2. Add the PI Product Line to your existing business

  • You currently own/run a B2B services company such as a consultancy (HR or Strategic Management), an executive coaching firm, a training company, a boutique retained executive search firm or corporate accounting firm.
  • You think adding a best-in-class, world-renowned brand in an allied field would add prestige to your enterprise and expand your opportunities with your current client base and beyond.
  • You recognize the need for people analytics to assist your clients with the Hire-to-Retire lifecycle of employees in their workforce.

Partner Certifications

We Award Partner Certifications Based on Qualifications including, but not limited to:

  • Business / Organizational experience
  • A successful track record in one, or some, of the following:
    • Selling training and/or B2B software
    • Successful record in Sales Management or Executive Management
    • Consulting
  • Active in business, civic, and social organizations
  • An established business network
  • The time and capital necessary to make the investments necessary to be successful (see Financial Info below)
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“For over 18 years, as a PI Certified Partner in Arizona, I have had the opportunity to work with the very best organizations to help them understand workplace behavior and its impact on people and performance. To have watched personal careers accelerate as managers begin to have fun leading others by applying their Predictive Index knowledge has truly been one of the great pleasures in my life. The superior products provided through PI Worldwide have allowed me to make a difference in organizations and to grow my Licensee business in ways I could not have imagined almost 20 years ago.”

Mike Stewart, President, Predictive Group

Are you up for the challenge?

Being a PI Certified Partner is not for everyone. We look for entrepreneurial individuals who want the challenge, and rewards, of owning and growing a business.

The Predictive Index system and our unique business model offer the opportunity to build a sustained, reliable revenue stream. Our incredibly strong year-over-year client retention rates are proof that our product and services stick, meaning clients integrate our processes into the cultural fabric of their business. They get a ton of value, and you get to reap the rewards of lasting relationships and recurring revenue.

How do we qualify you?

We conduct a market analysis and require a business plan prior to certifying you as a Partner. This ensures that the vision and goals set for your new business venture are geared toward solid market penetration and business growth. Our Partners, many of whom have been with The Predictive Index for over 20 years, enjoy the personal, professional and financial rewards of owning their own enterprise.

Getting started:

Once accepted, you will attend Launch, our acclaimed kick-off program, and receive:

  • 24/7 access to educational content from anywhere you want via video, podcasts, and webinars.
  • Six weeks of live webinar courses with a “class” of other new network members
  • A comprehensive education with a full week of in-depth product knowledge and sales training
  • Ending with one-on-one coaching and personal mentoring — everything you need to get off to a fast start
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You’ll be part of a global community.

As you continue to grow and develop your practice, you will have the chance to get to know others in The Predictive Index global network. Every 18 months, we host a global meeting for all PI Certified Partners and their Associates from around the world. We also host regional meetings throughout the year for Partners to share ideas, best practices, and to enjoy networking. Having access to a network of experienced colleagues provides you with resources and expertise from around the world!

“As a PI Certified Partner in Europe since 1997, I have had the opportunity to expand my business to over 60 countries in Europe and beyond, growing my team from 6 consultants to over 45. PI Worldwide has supported my expansion every step of the way ranging from material translations to executive support. As a long time user (over 25 years) of The Predictive Index, I am proud to offer this tool to organizations throughout Europe, and the world.”

Robin Wood, President, Predictive Advantage

And, you’ll receive a ton of support from HQ.

Our management team consists of highly talented professionals dedicated to the growth and development of The Predictive Index. Lively two-way communication is “business as usual” for us. We’re always tuned in and available via phone or email to answer any questions or help you solve problems. The entire management team is committed and focused on helping you succeed in all ways!

You’ll have exclusive access to proprietary tools geared for your success.

As a PI Certified Partner, you will have access to our unique suite of proprietary tools and services that provide businesses with effective solutions to improve business performance.

Learn about our products and services.

“As a PI Certified Partner in South Africa for over 25 years I have had the opportunity to build a business using The Predictive Index as a consulting and service delivery vehicle. Supported by PI Worldwide I’ve been able to work with brands like Harrods of London, gold mines in South Africa and third world businesses elsewhere in South Africa.”

Ben Venter, PI South Africa

We’re investing heavily in the future thanks to the great success we’ve had in the past.

Great products and an amazing Partner network made up of over 50 firms and 450 consultants have allowed us to grow to more than 8,000 clients across 142 countries. Our solutions are delivered in 70 languages. To stay on track with our tremendous growth objects, we need Partners who want to empower business leaders to understand what truly drives workplace behaviors.

With a 60-year proven track record, The Predictive Index methodology leverages the best science, ground-breaking technology, and super-changed knowledge transfer to deliver the most effective toolset for decoding the human element of any organization. Business challenges big and small are no match for our unique approach to client education and service, which ensures swift adoption, direct ROI, and high impact on performance metrics.

Each year, 2.5 million PI assessments are administered, and over 7,000 professionals are trained in our workshops. Our solutions can help businesses:

  • Find and select the right talent, reduce employee turnover, develop managers and leaders, and increase employee engagement.
  • Impact growth and development
  • Increase quality revenue streams
  • Empower managers to drive employee performance & engagement
  • Improve productivity across the organization
  • Develop high potential managers and leaders
  • Retain and leverage top talent

“Coming from a long career as a senior executive with Microsoft, PI Worldwide provided me the opportunity to uncover my entrepreneurial spirit and build a business with limitless potential. The Predictive Index management program and the great new CFS and SSAT sales programs are truly world class. I would encourage fellow business leaders to examine the tremendous time to value that owning a PI Worldwide Certified Practice presents. As a Partner in Canada for almost 8 years, PI Worldwide has allowed me to create an equity that well exceeds what I could have achieved working for someone else.”

David S Lahey, President, Predictive Success Corporation

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